Iswald Smoak

Introducing the works and inspiration of Iswald Smoak

The Inspiration

The most meaningful aspect of art is its ability to convey raw emotion, and it does so in a way nothing else can. To the point one can stare at a painting and feel something new, something they’ve never felt before. It can be jarring, and overwhelming but the understanding that comes with that is so very valuable. As an artist I seek out emotions that are new to me through experience and when I create it feels as though I’ve ripped my heart out and my blood runs down my arm onto the brush. I splatter my soul on the canvas, and wait vulnerably for someone to see me. To understand me, for understanding is love, and I hope that through my art one can know they’re not alone in their humanity. I bare myself so that I might touch your soul.


The Artist

From a very young age Iswald Smoak has shown a keen interest towards anything artistic. Throughout his years, he has started to shape this interest and has shown himself to excel in his art represented by many different forms. His first passions lied with paper and graphite, where he found inspiration by the familiar faces around him. Shortly after, he began a new era of style that he sought to master: painting. He embarked on this journey head on, and started painting the world around him, creating passionate pieces full of color, meaning, and most importantly: himself. When he is painting, his emotions lead the brush and color, allowing him to create paintings that truly tie into his body, mind, and soul.

Iswald has a diverse range of art materials from oil and acrylic paints, graphite and charcoal, and even a unique series of art mixed with his passion of electrical engineering.


The Work

Installations and Galleries

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